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ROB $TONE: On XXXtentacion Flying Across Stage

As XXXtentacion sings "garette's REVENGE" barefoot, "if I could act on my revenge, then oh, would," and with mouth wide open on "I," a hooded mothafucka comes flying out like a wombat with running force, punches him in the face, sending him flying to the other side of the stage floor with a TKO. (The wombat was not actually Rob $tone.) The music continued to play, making it clear that XXX was lip sinking.

According to public accounts the situation allegedly started when Ski Mask The Slumpgod, a friend of XXX, imposed himself on stage uninvited during $tone's set while both artists were touring with Desiigner. When Ski was late in San Diego for his set on the same tour, as $tone began his set, Ski stood on stage awkwardly refusing to leave, resulting in his being removed by security. His friend, XXX, had a lot to say on social media bout this, including various threats towards $tone's new baby, his girl, posting $tone's phone number and address, and saying he would stab him, and... well... this...

XXX has a history of graphicly-violent sexual abuse charges.

...leading to Ski being jumped from the stage to the street at the next show in LA. XXX then continued to threaten $tone, taunt him, and when the instigator himself came to San Diego to perform this week...

The crowd of XXX fans chant "Fuck Rob $tone." And while outsiders to San Diego may take this as an indication of how the city feels about him, it is not. Indeed, many people want San Diego to be known for success and not fighting and don't like the situation, while many other people want outsiders to know that you can not disrespect San Diego or its natives without getting the tail end of a fight. The reality is that this is how San Diego is, for better or worse. There are high-road individuals, but there is also regular jumpings based on pride by association. It is dope people don't want that to be the city's legacy, and we should guide people to maneuver away from that mentality that unnecessarily widens the reach of negativity, but it is unrealistic to pretend it's not a reality within the city lines. Rob $tone still gets love from San Diego, just as anyone elevating gets hate and random-crazed fans in their inbox trying to pull those they envy down to push themselves up towards the light, and the sun still shines in the "Salty D."


Certain negative energy that you don't need in your life is going to knock on your door time and time again in the form of various different people, situations, and even from within yourself. (It can even seem justified at times.) When that energy knocks, it's just this simple: don't open the door. Keep pushing


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