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  • MISSION: To serve as a free-centralized source that highlights the diverse spectrum of unique, revolutionary, and quality artists, events and business from San Diego, CA. We are dedicated to directing tourist and transplant resources to the native community, and embracing a variety of styles, elements and associations to uplift generations past, present and future, county wide. 

  • HISTORY: was first published on December 21, 2012, with following in early July, 2013. Shortly after SDHipHopEvents expanded to further its original mission by adding bomb food spots, artists, shops and services. On June 19, 2015 articles began releasing, eventually developing in the Dago Hip Hop blog. After a hiatus to promote safety amidst the pandemic, June 19, 2021 marks the re-release of the latest updated website. Different segments and pages will be released on a rolling basis. 

  • HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: Visitors and locals alike can view the site for event, food, shopping and media options. Artists can use it to target promotions and networking. And promoters can use it to strategize scheduling and demographics to cultivate better experiences.


From low-rider car shows and block parties, speak easies, live graffiti, art or rap shows, club or reggae events, activism, holistic wellness,  jams and bboy battles, to chicken-adobo enchiladas, independent shops and tattoo artists, Dago Hip Hop is your guide to the soul of America's finest city, and all the aspects that make it one of a kind. 


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