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Bboy Jihad Wins Trip to NYC, & Isaiah Becomes Undefeated Champion of Octogon Kids

Bboy Jihad has won the 2017 Octogon San Diego Qualifier. Presented by Alien Ness and NoExtra Productions, and hosted at The Box Dance Studio by last years winner, Bboy Dyno of Cypher St8, The Octogon is a unique bboy battle that centers around control and working with your obstacles as dancers battle in an octagon of cones that execute with instant disqualification at the touch. As the 2017 victor, Jihad will receive a trip to NYC to compete in The Octogon World Rumble on October 13th. And for the second year in a row, Bboy Isaiah wins the Octogon Kids Battle, making him the undefeated champion! Congratulations to both! And good luck Jihad, see you in the NYC!


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