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Astons 2 dope: "Hobbie Hobbie"

Astons 2 Dope, another heavy hitter from the El Cajon collective Food For Thought, low pro has one of the hardest tracks out from young SD, the catchy banger "Hobbie Hobbie." Featuring Young Flash and produced by someone named Ryan in east county, it's bounce and cocky onset is more loked out then some of his higher-conscious tracks with reflective-lyrical vibes, which he executes right on, but what made me do a double take and crack the fuck up was his unconventional Youtube description...

"El, Cajon, FFT el cajon hip hop not my car, my girl that i cheated on its her car."

That description is too funny for some reason. (You can see the actual comment in the screenshot below.) Regardless, I saw it because I was looking for more info., the track is indeed 2 dope and way under the radar. Check it out. (Video beneath screenshot.)

The description has been changed since this post, but watch the video below.


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