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Orko Eloheim and Aceyalone's “Ancient Future” is super-hyper space, pimpadelic, low-riding theme music. And it goes hard as fuck!

After an anticipated and delayed release on 7/7/17, "Ancient Future" debuts on 7/17/17 and it is worth the wait. Off top Orko comes in rapping, for anyone who was afraid he would limit himself to production, and both him and Aceyalone jump off with an inflated swag on the premier track, "We On It." "Ancient Future" is full of features including Self Jupiter, Born Allah, Fatlip and more. What takes it to the next level is the unexpected strong-feminine prevalence in balance, which is refreshing and even more so needed in hip-hop today. There may actually be more sultry song then bars on this album, but both Orko and Acyalone have delivered enough bars on previous albums you can find HERE and HERE to last any lyric dissector a lifetime, so no complaint there. This component qualifies “Ancient Future” as more of a sound-art composition then simply a rap album, and a unique asset to any catalog. Daisy Villa’s eerily-sensual vocals are sprinkled all across the first half of the album, with song bird Genie Love’s dominating the second half. All the while Orko’s heavily exploratory yet gritty drum-and-space production compliment and contrast the goddesses into new light. Some people may have been expecting an entire album of Orko and Aceyalone going back and forth verse for verse, which is not the case. Far and distant from your typical boom-bap loop smothered with constant bars in plain English, rest assured the verses on it are absolutely enough to run back and relive in compensation with no greatness compromised. But the music and unspoken magic itself is what makes this project a unique and empirical channeling-catalyst. The third quarter completely takes setting in a distant galaxy where words are no longer the means of communication. This is a vehicle you can spark a blunt to, zone in so deeply that by the time you snap out of your thoughts and travel, your blunt is out, or simply a line of ash across the galaxy that the stars smoked without you. And you take flight by the end of the second track. If you are a fan of Portishead, Tricky, Sigur Ross, etc., this is the hip-hop album sent from the heavens. "Metaphysical Poetry" is a notable track in that line, sounding like the moment you first witness your akashic records. And if you never dabbled in that lane and are simply a fan of Orko and Aceyalone, consider this your gateway drug and give thanks. The last track, “You Call That Shit Hip Hop,” is a fuck you and thank you very much conclusion with Orko’s signature echo-and-grind drums; going out as hard as it began. It is well worth purchasing, because Spotify commercials sober and interrupt the simulated acid trip, but the preview is warmly welcomed after a long wait, and anticipation and expectations are highly satisfied. LISTEN TO THE ALBUM HERE ON SPOTIFY NOW!!! PURCHASE NOW ON ITUNES! *******PREVIOUS POST******* "The long anticipated collaborative album by Orko Eloheim and Aceyalone is otw. Set to drop today, but held up by technical difficulties, the project is still in route to fans, rest assured. "Ancient Future" is produced by Orko Eloheim(777Beats Drumwarz Productions,) recorded at ProjectBlowed Recordings Los Angeles by both artists, mixed by Aceyalone, mastered by Ryan Hicks, with art by Kim Ryan."

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