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5 New San Diego Artists Under 25


The youngest of these five, 19-year-old MaZhe from City Heights and North Park, has the whole package "down to a T." From his tenacity and freestyles to his tags, (not social media tags,) he epitomizes San Diego, CA. His subject content, wisdom, lyricism, delivery and confidence far supersedes his age, and even that of the average American. Styles range from laid-back astral songs full of bars, to shock depiction and delivery resembling Eminem's. On top of receiving instant blog love since his first mixtape, "Catharsis," dropped two years ago, he has the tracks, videos, pictures and representation to start off on the right foot and reach far. His next project is scheduled to release by summer's end. Booking & Inquiry: IG: @mazhe_


Sam.R.I, 23, made his entrance into the scene through cyphers and events over the past couple years. He doesn't have any videos out yet, and only two songs on his Soundcloud, but he makes up for it in live presence. With a surprisingly mature voice to contrast his youthful presence and a confident double time with swag, I wouldn't underestimate this one. Once he starts pushing finished projects and product he will level up. Definitely go catch him live if you get the chance.

IG: @samrihiphop


TheSoulutionKT, or Kalend Terell, 23, is founder of the Born Radical brand and part of the collective called TRIBELIFE, that includes Sliiim Buddah. He moved to East County SD from Rhode Island about six-years ago, and has integrated into young SD respectfully with a buzzing support. You can really hear his East-Coast upbringing in his straight-forward delivery full of imagery and life game, as well as the heightening-spiritual consciousness and aggravated-intolerance for bullshit that comes with traveling perspective and extended time in San Diego.

Joey Wild

Joey Wild from El Cajon, the oldest of these five, is more then a rapper at 24. He has created the collaborative Food For Thought, which includes his brother, Lil Bruh James, Astons 2 Dope, Young Fla$h and more, landing himself into somewhat of a management position. From organizing graphics and videos, to shows, distribution and promotion, he is pushing more then himself and it has yielded results. Nailing the path down on the music end, he maintains a husky voice with a balance of conscious and ratchet content; party and Hip Hop cultures. I included a few things below to exemplify this balance that transcends generations.

Booing & Inquiry:

IG: @wild_child_fft


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