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Infinity Hip Hop offers an array of services to artists at rates that are significantly more affordable then industry standards.










We do not offer pay-to-play, pay-for-press, or pay-to-perform.   

Digital Distribution



-Amazon Music

-Google Play



Physical Duplication

-Artwork sizing and development

-Compact Discs (wallet, digipack, jewel case)

-Cassette Tapes (various designs) 

-Vinyl (7" or 12", black, color, or design)




-Promotional Products

Video Production

-Promotional Videos

-Music Videos

-Wedding & Special Event Videos

(Packages are custom to fit labor and associated expenses.)


-Develop plan

-Graffic Design

-Physical duplication

        (Fliers, Stickers, Posters, Promo Products)

-Street Team execution

Project Management
Audio Production

-Recording/Engineer services 

   (Book Studio Time Here)

Need to organize the execution process behind your new project?  A consultation to outline your plan of action can be all some people need.  

                 -Initial meeting

                 -Follow up outline of plan in email

                 -Followup meeting 

From an initial meeting to embrace your vision, identify strengths and weaknesses, and outline the plan of action with a timeline, our consultation is a blessing to a DIY artist who needs clarity and direction amidst all that creativity.

Those who purchase a consultation will receive a 5% discount on other services pertaining to the same project, not to exceed $100.

Coorespondence & Booking Management


What is offered: We receive inquires, respond and negotiate on your behalf.  Those inquiring get an experience like they are in contact with your office or assistant, and the artist gets to state their needs in plane English once, and let us do the work of making sure they are met.  

Why it's beneficial:  Let's keep it a buck.  Egos and less than chiseled communication skills kill business deals.  And some times negotiations and responding to inquiries in a timely fashion can be overwhelming when artists are preoccupied by other things.  When most people talk to you directly, they want a price break, and if they don't get it they resent you.  The artist, or the hiring party, may not always be in the mood to be patient with different character traits, problem solving, or be keen in conflict resolution.  And there are situations where you might be willing to work with someone, but not trust paying upfront, or waiting until after service is rendered, depending upon which side of the deal you are on.  This is where we come in.


We middle man the transaction, and maintain price value, efficiency, professionalism, and conflict resolution. We take payment upfront, ensuring that the artist gets their money as soon as the service is delivered.  As well as ensuring the paying party receives the service they purchased in a timely manor without getting burnt.  This motivates both parties to follow through with the deal professionally, secures the transaction, and eliminates conflict.  We take a previously agreed-upon percentage based upon the amount, and amount of work on our part.  It is less then a conventional manager, who is dedicated to the artist, and often established contracts that include a percentage of all income relating to their efforts that may spin off of their dealings, not just specific deals they negotiate.  We work for multiple artists, and simply handle communication, so we are not specifically invested, and can provide this for a smaller cut.  That works for the artist because they are:

     1. Free to terminate at any time

     2. Free to pursue ventures without us

     3. Only pay percentage on deals we are involved in

     4. Free to enter other contracts 


Please be clear, we are not an agency.  We are not going to market, seek out opportunities, fish for inquiries, nor guarantee sales/bookings.  We simply handle the negotiations and correspondence of those that are coming in, based upon the initial agreement. 

Use This Form to Inquire or Request a Custom Quote

Thanks! We will contact you within 10 business hours. (Mon-Fri., 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., EST)

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